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Carmen Joy moved from her native country of Slovenia to California where she has been practicing different styles of yoga and meditation. Traveling to India, where she immersed herself in the inner science of yoga and meditation experiencing a variety of meditation techniques, changed her life in a radical and profound way. 
The studying happened in various places throughout India, from the high tops of the Himalayan mountains to 
the more traditional South Indian vedantic lifestyle ashram and to modern meditation resorts. Her encounter with many different spiritual teachers and initiations in different traditions sparked a light in her own being. Carmen now resides in Woodland Hills with her family and four children. She is a certified Meditation Instructor/Acharya. She teaches practical sessions offering transformational meditation techniques from the ancient Eastern traditions. Her work has lead her to teach across the US, Europe and India. It is her passion to spread the essence of these practices by fully embodying spiritual wisdom and radiating joy. Carmen shares meditation in 
a light, playful, welcoming and accessible way.

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carmen joy

Instructor, Inner Power Yoga Studio

Carmen Joy