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ACRO YOGA-------------------------------------------------------

BEGINNER BASICS---------------------------------------------------------------------

BREATHE. DANCE. MEDITATE------------------------------------------------------
Unleash your inner fire and tap into your soul with this Yogic dance party. Using the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga you will experience the true power behind your breath. You will shake and dance releasing blocked energy through your body, and tone your mind through deep meditation. You will give yourself permission to be released from that fear of judgement by others and leave with a true mind-body-soul connection.

CONSCIOUS MOVEMENT = Breath+Balance+Strength---------------------------
This class puts an emphasis on coordination of breath and movement; "honoring the wisdom of the body" Kripalu. Prana (breath) provides a vital bridge between the body and the mind. You work according to the limits of your individual flexibility and strength. Students learn to move through the postures while consciously following their breath. This awareness becomes a moving meditation. Your journey into a more balanced, happy and healthy life begins here. Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:15am.

​DEEP ALIGNMENT---------------------------------------------------------
This is a class to bring your practice to a new, more conscious level. Each evening we will focus on specific areas of the body: stressing alignment, unraveling trauma, working through injury and grounding the mind/body/memory in a new level of dialogue and awareness. 

EASY FLOW-------------------------------------------------------------------

EVENING YOGA FLOW----------------------------------------------------------

FREEDOM FLOW---------------------------------------------------------------

GENTLE YOGA-------------------------------------------------------------
A softer class that incorporates balance work, strength development, and stretching for improving range of motion, body strength, and stress reduction. This class is ideal for beginners, seniors, expectant mothers (pre and post-natal), those recovering from injuries, or anyone who needs a break from their strenuous physical activity routine. 

Hathalini is Kristen Eykel’s own signature blend of traditional Hatha yoga discipline combined with Kundalini awareness in a dynamic and individual training method - one invoking breath, meditation and intention work combined with physical exploration. An ever dynamic practice, this yoga emphasizes personal awareness and integrated perspective, allowing you to feel invigorated, refreshed, challenged and supported every step of the way. Accessible to all levels of practice, Kristen trains her students personally, no matter where they may be on their path.

HOUR OF POWER = Strength+Balance+Flexibility------------------------------
Start your day focused, clear and energized. This class is designed to jump start your day with the intention you desire. One hour of strength, balance and dynamic flow created to strengthen and stimulate the deep connective tissue of the body and open up your natural energy stores. Hour of Power is open to any student wishing to build strength, increase balance an flexibility, or just sweat. Join us on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am as we greet the morning and connect.

INTRO TO YOGA ASANA------------------------------------------------------

JOYFUL FRIDAY FLOW-------------------------------------------------------

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of yogic philosophy and practice. Dating back literally thousands of years, it belongs to no one teacher or school of thought. The foundation of this yoga is to cause a rapid transmission in the breakthrough of consciousness- the passageway to enlightenment. This is the “Yoga of the Householder” , The Yoga of Kings. A king does not have the time to sit in a cave and contemplate eternity. The King and the householder must both get enlightenment rapidly so that they can go to work and cause transformation to happen in the world around them. This is not the yoga of Ego, and yet one must have a very healthy ego in order to sustain it. One can attain a remarkable shift in the body, mind and Spirit simultaneously by this practice. It demands rigor and serious intent to accomplish well. This is not the yoga of a perfect body rather this is a pure yoga of the perfect intent. In this class, we will begin the exploration of this transformative and uplifting practice as taught by my teacher, The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan. There will be practice of postures, mantra and meditations that if performed with focused intent, will literally open doorways in your life that you have never seen before. Prepare to challenge yourself in ways you never have before- physically yes, but above all, mentally. Let your intuition and your perceptions be magnified to reflect the magnificence that you actually already are, yet may not fully recognize- yet. This practice is open to all levels of practitioner- from the long time Yogi looking to deepen the experience to the newcomer beginning to explore. 

KIDS YOGA-------------------------------------------------------------
Yoga is a wonderful after school activity that is not only physically challenging but can also teach you how to balance information and process feelings so you can turn all that energy toward connecting to your own true inner power!

Carmen Joy will introduce a simple and effective meditation practice as well as breathing techniques to calm the mind, purify the body and the emotions. The students will gain a deep understanding of how the mind works and learn practical meditation tools to live a peaceful life. The objective of the meditation class is to introduce transformational meditation techniques and inspire participants to start their own practice of meditation. The class offers practical guidance and inspiration for making meditation a daily habit. Class is designed for both beginners as well as those who are looking to incorporate meditation more deeply into their daily life.
• Purify the body, mind and emotions
• Gain a deep understanding of how the mind works
• Cultivate a regular meditation practice
• Learn practical tools to live a peaceful life
• Experience radiant joy
• Increase energy and clarity
• Connect with your natural healing intelligence
• Infuse creativity and positive energy
• Increase vitality and productivity
• Live all your dimensions
No meditation experience is required, just an open mind and heart. Wear comfortable clothing. All are welcome.

MINDFUL MOVEMENT----------------------------------------------------
For beginners and experienced yogis seeking a new beginning in their practice. Focus is on creating a stronger connection to the breath, moving energy within, and cultivating a deeper inner awareness of the relationship between the body/mind, while exploring asanas. Quieting the mind, we tune into how the body/mind should be active and where it can let go. Through the practice we discover space within, free the heart to open,and liberate the light of the true Self to shine.

MINDFUL YOGA FLOW-------------------------------------------------------
Influenced buy many yoga traditions and teachers this class is for all level yoginis and yogis. Focus is on realizing your relationship to body, breath and mind. Moving energy within, while exploring Asana. Challenge your body, open your hearts, connect to your breath and relax your minds. Let the energy of life flow!

MORNING PREGNANCY----------------------------------------------------
This class is specifically for Pregnancy. Aches, pains, fears and concerns are normal during this time of complete and rapid change! Every pregnancy is unique whether this is your first baby or your last. Your body is changing and growing, and your mind has the opportunity to expand to create a new sense of Self as Mother. Also in this class, Kristen gives a special emphasis on the work of Labor. A Birth Doula, she provides experience and support to this magical and powerful process which can often leave women feeling underprepared and overwhelmed. Postures, Breath, Intention & Mental Readiness are all addressed in this work- so that you can create the best possible outcome for you and your baby.

MOVEMENT AS MEDICINE-------------------------------------------------------
How are you holding back from experiencing the biggest version of yourself? This class is designed to activate your core essence by experiencing navigating your own structure in a movement class. Rather than contained and instructed movement, you become the container and allow your body to direct itself to the music. This is movement as medicine: allow the language of the body and thus the language of the soul to come to the forefront of our consciousness to further unlock your potential in life. Access the deep portals of your psyche and soul. Release tension. Gain liberation. Experience expansion and joy through your body’s language.

POWER YOGA------------------------------------------------------------
In our signature Power Yoga classes. which are open to all levels, YOU find YOUR power. Familiar yoga asanas (poses) are creatively and dynamically sequenced together to create a solid physical challenge while also focusing and calming your mind. Guided by your deep breath and mindfully taught from a solid foundation, advanced asanas may be explored with modifications given to accommodate any level of practitioner. Usually accompanied by music, these encouraging classes will also explore Pranayama (breath work) and Meditation.

POWER YOGA FLOW----------------------------------------------------

This Qigong class is for all levels. The Chinese practice of Qigong is similar to Yoga in that it is a holistic system of posture, movement and breathing that allows access to higher realms of awareness. Qigong (literally, “life force energy”) lets practitioners bring forth positive energies from negative energies. Qigong is especially helpful with relaxation and stress release, is therapeutic and helps one achieve mindfulness and proprioception.

RESTORATIVE YOGA------------------------------------------------------
Find your bliss in this 90- minute deeply relaxing class. Enriching for those who seek balance and recovery- whether from a marathon or a physical block. We go deeply into supported postures that relax the joints, release tension and open the heart & mind. The prefect way to prepare for a new week, this class will give you a deep sense of how uplifting and peaceful your yoga practice can be. 
Guided meditation along with physical surrender allows your body and mind to float freely and in serenity. Perfect for the newcomer to yoga or the long -time yogi seeking a space of peace.

ROTATING TEACHER VINYASA CLASS---------------------------------------

SLOW FLOW----------------------------------------------------------------

SUNDAY SUNSHINE FLOW---------------------------------------------------
This class embraces a healing hatha vinyasa flow deeply rooted to breath and intention with a focus on alignment. Through playful sequencing and conscious movement, cultivate more balance, strength and peace in your physical body and spiritual self. Create your intention for the day and discover how an hour of Sunrise Flow in the morning can shift your perspective and lead to a more productive and happy you, for the rest of the day! This class always ends in meditation and is open to students of all levels.

SUNRISE BREATH & BALANCE--------------------------------------------
Boost your energy and your gratitude with a sunrise practice that will get your gears turning. Align your body and breath with your intentions for the day ahead with pranayama, meditation, and a smooth vinyasa practice. Each class will allow you space to grow your practice on all levels with the consistency it takes to get there. This is a level 1/2 class with specific postures that will leave you feeling challenged and strong. Helping you to cultivate balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

VINYASA FLOW----------------------------------------------------------- 
Challenge your body and your mind in this fun and energizing class! Let go of negativity and increase your positivity & productivity. This high-tempo, mixed-levels class is led with uplifting and eclectic music! Increase your endurance, strength, stamina and flexibility.

YIN YOGA---------------------------------------------------------------
Considered to be the original physical yoga practice, yin yoga involves long, slow holds challenging both the body and the mind. Being in this practice is a wonderful way of uniting physical postures with meditation and is the natural complement to a more active practice.

YOGA BASICS-------------------------------------------------------------
Whether you are brand new to yoga, returning to yoga, or just want to improve your asanas, this is the class for you! We will cover many of the basic poses and simple sequences you may encounter in popular yoga classes today. Learn the benefits of using props for maximum extension. Bump up your awareness of alignment and hand and foot placement and refresh your breathing, meditation and balance skills.

YOGA FLOW-------------------------------------------------------
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