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Gina Maron has her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Conscious Health and Healing. Her entire life has been her spiritual journey, and she is very passionate about sharing the wisdom she has gained from experience. One of her favorite healing modalities is authentic movement, which is a method used to access the subconscious mind through the physical body. The body is the access point to the deeper psyche. Through the body we can heal the mind. Using the potency of somatic psychology, Gina teaches her students to embody the expression of “motion creates emotion” throughout this practice. She formulated the Movement as Medicine program after experiencing deep healing with her own practice. It is truly as much about the physical and sensual feeling of all our five senses which reinforces the thoughts and visions of our mind. Like all of our senses, movement is primal. Exercise is movement and releases endorphins, which then leads to psychological healing. This is the philosophy behind the Medicine of Movement.

Gina Maron
Instructor, Inner Power Yoga