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Jimena Tobon

Instructor, Inner Power Yoga
My deep passion for fitness led me to begin practicing yoga over 10 years ago. As I began my Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher training, I quickly learned that there are significantly more important gains from practicing yoga than just physical ones. In order to expand my knowledge of yoga’s inherent connection between mind, body, and soul, I decided to enroll in, and complete, the 500-Hour Teacher Training at YW. Taking part in this professional program involved active participation in workshops, lectures, as well as an apprenticeship program. The person with whom I undertook my apprenticeship, Lainie Devina, is my role model, and has continued to be my inspiration as I trek along the journey to becoming a better yogi.

We simply cannot deny that yoga creates magic in our lives. Yoga practice is the time to feel alive, loved, and free. My classes are carefully planned, and observing students’ bodies and adjusting their poses as needed is part of my teaching routine. My energetic and enthusiastic demeanor as a Yoga Instructor is reflected in my teaching methods, as well as in the way in which I communicate with others. I am grateful to share something that I am passionate about with other people.