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Jonathan Simons
Instructor, Inner Power Yoga Studio
I initially found my way to the physical practice of yoga following a sports related injury that resulted in surgery. The practice began as a humbling struggle but eventually I got hooked.

I have a Masters and Doctorate in clinical psychology and have been a psychotherapist since 1992. Through this practice of yoga, asana and meditation, I discovered that the exploration of the physical body leads to a deeper connection to one’s inner world and
eventually to those spiritual threads, whatever we may call them, which connect all of us. I am privileged to have deepened my understanding of yoga through my training at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center and am a registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level,
certified by the Yoga Alliance. As I continue to progress and learn, my hope is to share with others the magnificent bliss that comes with discovery and the excitement of realizing that discovery is never ending.