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Linda Pushkin-Suffin
Owner, Inner Power Yoga Studio
One of the greatest things that has happened to me, with the exception of my marriage and the birth of my kids, was walking into a yoga room over 20 years ago. Like so many people, I was initially drawn to it by the physical practice of the asanas and the way it made my body feel. But what it really gave me was something new, apart from the other physical exercises I did, that was not about escaping or avoiding emotions that came up, be it joy or grief, but about being present and clear-minded to embrace all life’s challenges. We cannot ever assume or predict what may or may not happen in our lives, but one thing is certain, we can choose our reactions and hopefully find what there is to be learned in our journey. 

In retrospect, I believe my life fully began with that first class and, over the years, yoga has truly awakened the essence of my spiritual life. 

Being a student of, and training with, so many amazing teachers, like Bryan Kest, Tim Miller and Eddie Modestini, has inspired my own practice and the way I teach: find balance, acceptance, foundation, strength, softness and humility, not just on the mat, but in my life.

My intention with my students is, hopefully, to create an atmosphere where you can be strong and weak, opened and exposed, explore new challenges, yet always feel safe.

As owner of Inner Power and as a teacher, I am so inspired by my students, and grateful for the opportunity to share a little bit of what's in my heart and the impact yoga has had on me. .I am honored to be a part of that process in those individuals who share their practice with me, and open themselves up to this amazing blissful ride! 

Peace and Namaste