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I was three quarters of the way through my 40th year on this planet, when I finally experienced true intimacy with my body. I had spent 20 years as a health coach, used some of the most progressive techniques in Fitness, Sports medicine, and nutrition, to help hundreds of people get past injuries and change their life. The one thing that I thought I could always push my body through, Stress, finally got me. It was coiled so tight around my neck that I was suffocating. So, I rubbed my hands together, took a deep belly breath in through my nose, and suddenly my stress began to unravel. The effect was so transformative that I have not missed a day since. Yoga and Meditation have allowed me intimate access to the greatest parts of me that have been buried forever. I know that Kundalini Yoga can be intimidating, especially to non Yogis, believe me I was so terrified at my first class that I sat in my car until the last minute before entering. I am so grateful that I did. That is why my mission is to be the bridge between the everyday world and mystical world of Kundalini Yoga. I want to inspire others take that bold step with me into class and we can demystify the weird together, learn the power of the breath, and experience what it is like to live everyday as your most authentic self.
Matt Fuscaldo
Instructor, Inner Power Yoga