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Natasha Mellman
Instructor, Inner Power Yoga Studio
Natasha is a passionate, life-loving yogi with a sense of adventure on and off the mat. She sees yoga as a journey of transformation, exploration and celebration with benefits that reach far beyond the mat. Or as she puts it in simpler terms …. “Learn about yourself, feel great doing it, stress less and love more!”  
She is grateful to have had amazing teachers and profound experiences that have inspired her passion and deep appreciation for the physical and spiritual practice of Yoga which in turn led her to complete the Teacher Training here at IPY and she is ready and excited to share her love for this amazing, healing and all-encompassing practice. An eternal student of life, Natasha is committed to new and fresh ways to inspire and engage those around her to have their own experience of yoga and be hooked on all the wonders the practice has to offer.  
With attention to alignment and an awareness of subtle energies, her intention is to facilitate an experience on the mat that challenges the body, quiets the mind, awakens the heart and inspires the soul.