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Stephanie Blau
Instructor, Inner Power Yoga Studio
For the past few years, IPY has been my second home, my sanctuary, and the place that fosters the synchronization of my physical, emotional and spiritual body. My first yoga class at IPY was with one of the senior instructors who also happened to be a practicing psychologist. The incorporation of therapeutic knowledge was woven throughout the physical practice in such a dynamic way that left me feeling emotionally connected and energized while getting an amazing workout. As a psychotherapist myself, I was drawn to this magical practice and enrolled immediately into the teacher training program offered at IPY.

My love and passion to teach Yoga has intensified since becoming certified at IPY. I am drawn to a Vinyasa Flow class/ Power Yoga that keeps the energy moving in an active mindful manner accompanied by motivating music. My goal is to create a high level of consciousness while engaging in the physical Asanas. Focus on breath is essential and offers a meditative quality as well.  

I’m so excited to be a part of the IPY family and feel so blessed to be in the presence of such knowledgeable and inspirational instructors.

Much love,