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Teacher Training is led by Linda Suffin ERYT, Wayne Lehrer ERYT, Jonathon Simons ERYT, Kristen Eykel ERYT and other senior teachers at Inner Power Yoga Studio Become a certified yoga instructor - or just deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga asana, philosophy and principles. $2,800 fee includes teacher training manual and complimentary classes at the studio during the training. ($200 discount if paid in full before training begins). See flyer below for more information. 

This Training includes- 
  • The Philosophy of Yoga - In depth exposure to the 8 Limbs, the Yoga Sutra's, Pranayama (breath control), Aryuveda (yogic health practices) & Meditation
  • The Science of Alignment - You will learn how to build every pose from the ground up and how to adjust your students in a way that deepens their connection to the Asanas and the true SELF.
  • The Anatomy of the Physical and Subtle Bodies - Presented by a medical professional with 20 years in the field and by our own staff who have been offering these courses for over a decade.
  • The Psychology of Yoga - Learn how yoga views the mind and it's relationship to the self. Gain the tools that will assist you in unraveling your own (and others) karmic knots. Taught by a PhD in Psychology who is a 500 ERYT
  • Hands on Teaching Experience - You will start teaching in the 3rd week and have numerous opportunities to teach throughout the course. You will receive insightful and loving feedback from faculty and students.
  • Find Your Voice - We do not try to fit you into any mold (remember there are dozens of different Yogic disciplines) but instead focus on giving you a broad exposure to yoga and guide you to finding your own unique voice.
  • The Business of Yoga - Learn about all of the opportunities to earn your living and share your gift. Receive insights into how to create your website, market yourself and charge for your services.
  • Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth - We believe that to be a truly great and inspiring yoga teacher (and person) you need to be the change you desire to share. It is our intention to help you accomplish this (see testimonials below).
  • Contact: for more information or read more about it in our IPY Blog. 
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