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Wayne Lehrer
Instructor, Inner Power Yoga Studio
As a child I loved sitting in the full lotus, practicing bandhas (who knew) and doing western yoga, gymnastics. In my early 20’s I began practicing yoga from books, TV and soon thereafter, at several ashrams in India. When I returned home from India I was inspired to design a program to teach yoga and meditation at S.F. County Jail. Twenty years later I began the earnest study of yoga with the top teachers in Los Angeles and the world. In 1999, after substituting one class,3 different studios offered me time slots and a full-time gig as yoga teacher. After eight years I was inspired, by Annie Carpenter, to discover what I didn’t know (which proved to be significant) and become legitimate by taking the YW Teacher Training. 

What I love most about teaching is the opportunity that I am afforded to create an immersive transformative environment where others get to awaken in the here and now and discover the transcendental power of yoga in their lives.