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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Power Yoga?


An empowering flow of Power Yoga (also known as Hatha Yoga) poses that together with breath and focus creates strength and flexibility and the reduction of stress. It is directed at creating the highest level of energy, vitality and freedom. 


2.  If I have never done yoga before what classes should I try?


We recommend our Level 1 class or our beginning yoga class. These are structured to teach you the poses and the most effective way to practice. We offer all level classes which are also appropriate because you can work at your own pace. 


3. Can I go to any class?


Absolutely. We encourage you to try any class you can fit into your schedule. The level of the class is not a restriction but simply more of an indicator to the level of practice you may want to be in to get the most out of your practice (without pushing yourself too far.) 


4.  If I have physical ailments should I stay away from yoga?


We recommend consent from a doctor but if you are able to practice we encourage you to talk to your teacher and let them know. They will be happy to work with you and give you alternate instructions to best suit you. (We also offer a Restorative Yoga class which works wonders on your body for anything from stress to a bad back.)


5.  Is there an age restriction for children?


We welcome your family to join you in your practice. There is no age restriction for children to come to any class. (We do offer a Kid’s Yoga class which is suited just for children. This may be a better option if they would feel more comfortable being around people their own age.)


6.  Do I have to be a vegetarian? 


Yoga poses, asanas, are just one of the eight limbs of a complete yoga practice. The practice espouses certain moral codes, one of which being ahimsa, or non-harming. The idea of non-harming includes the animal kingdom and many yogis adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet because of their commitment to ahimsa. This is not a requirement to engage in the wonderful physical, mental and emotional benefits of an asana practice, but with time and developing consciousness, many yogis indeed find their behavior changing, thus gravitating toward being vegetarian or vegan.


7.  Is yoga a religion?


Yoga has deep spiritual roots but has no singular creed or adherence to a particular god or deity. In fact, it could be argued that the ancient yogis were grappling with and exploring the same spiritual and/or religious questions that we do today in the 21st century. While ancient yogic texts can be interpreted as religious, indeed they are not. A yoga practice is consistent with the practice of any religion or no religion. It may be helpful to the newer yogi to separate religion from spirituality.


8.  Is yoga compatible with other forms of exercise (i.e. lifting weights, marathon running, etc...)?


Yes. A steady yoga practice improves your flexibility and strength which will assist your ability for a higher endurance workout. The fundamentals of your practice will carry over into your exercise routine for proper breathing and a higher self awareness.


9.  Have I missed out on Inner Power’s current events? 


Join our e-newsletter to receive a weekly update. You can join by either signing up at the studio, sending us a request on our Contact Us page, or through our Facebook page by clicking the "Join My List" link on the left hand side under our profile picture.


​10.   Who do I contact if I am interested in the next teacher training session? 


Contact Linda for new start date at Also, see the Events/Workshops page for details on becoming a certified Yoga Instructor! 


​11. What are previous trainees saying about their experience in the teacher training? 


"Regardless of where you practice your YOGA, Inner Power YOGA (IPY) is the

place you will want to take your 200 hour Teacher Training to get your national Certification. As a comprehensive class, the 200 hour program covered the entire spectrum of most all YOGA disciplines, asanas, Prana/energy flow, Yoga philosophy and the business development side of being a Yoga Teacher too.  What I was most impressed with is that IPY has all the information, yet they are able to customize it to each persons individual needs. The students and staff at Inner Power have such a caring and compassionate focus. It makes going to Inner Power Yoga for the teacher training (and their regularly scheduled classes too) to feel like I was going Home.  Thank you Inner power Yoga staff and students for the amazing Customized 200 hour Teacher Training program you provide."  -Summer 2012 TT Graduate 


"I absolutely LOVED the IPY 200 hour teacher training and highly recommend it to anyone. I came hoping to get some fundamentals on teaching and a certificate to allow me to teach. Instead, I embarked upon a 14-week spiritual journey that included personal, intellectual and physical discovery, all the basics and technical components needed for teaching, as well as a lot of laughter and a few tears. Beyond that, I found myself in the center of a real community that totally embraced me for the first time since moving back to L.A.. IPY offers fantastic classes of many varieties, a solid, affordable and fun teacher training, and friends for life." - Winter 2013 TT Graduate 

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