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200 hour teacher training         

Teacher Training is led by Linda Suffin ERYT, Wayne Lehrer ERYT, Jonathon Simons ERYT, Kristen Eykel ERYT and other senior teachers at Inner Power Yoga Studio Become a certified yoga instructor - or just deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga asana, philosophy and principles. $2,800 fee includes teacher training manual and complimentary classes at the studio during the training. ($200 discount if paid in full before training begins). See flyer below for more information. 


This Training includes- 

  • The Philosophy of Yoga - In depth exposure to the 8 Limbs, the Yoga Sutra's, Pranayama (breath control), Aryuveda (yogic health practices) & Meditation

  • The Science of Alignment - You will learn how to build every pose from the ground up and how to adjust your students in a way that deepens their connection to the Asanas and the true SELF.

  • The Anatomy of the Physical and Subtle Bodies - Presented by a medical professional with 20 years in the field and by our own staff who have been offering these courses for over a decade.

  • The Psychology of Yoga - Learn how yoga views the mind and it's relationship to the self. Gain the tools that will assist you in unraveling your own (and others) karmic knots. Taught by a PhD in Psychology who is a 500 ERYT

  • Hands on Teaching Experience - You will start teaching in the 3rd week and have numerous opportunities to teach throughout the course. You will receive insightful and loving feedback from faculty and students.

  • Find Your Voice - We do not try to fit you into any mold (remember there are dozens of different Yogic disciplines) but instead focus on giving you a broad exposure to yoga and guide you to finding your own unique voice.

  • The Business of Yoga - Learn about all of the opportunities to earn your living and share your gift. Receive insights into how to create your website, market yourself and charge for your services.

  • Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth - We believe that to be a truly great and inspiring yoga teacher (and person) you need to be the change you desire to share. It is our intention to help you accomplish this (see testimonials below).

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