5755 Las Virgenes Rd Suite A | Calabasas, CA 91302
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5755 Las Virgenes Rd Suite A | Calabasas CA 91302


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9:00am Power Yoga with Linda

9:30am Satsang- Meditation and Pranayama with Kristen

10:45am Hathalini with Kristen 

10:45am Mindful Yoga Flow with Danijela

12:00pm Power Yoga Flow with Lindsey

4:00pm Power Yoga Flow with Jonathan

6:00pm Deep Alignment with Wayne 

6:30pm Beginner yoga with Dave

6:30am Sunrise Breath & Balance with Nikki

7:45am Freedom Flow with Natasha

8:30am Power Yoga with Danijela

9:15am Conscious Yoga with Karen

10:00am Power Yoga with Linda

11:30am Beginner Basics with Anat

12:00pm Yoga with Megan

12:45 Chakra Balancing with Lynda (Cancelled for December)

4:30pm Power Yoga with Jason

6:00pm Power Yoga with Ish

6:00pm Yin Yoga with Angelique

8:00pm Acro Yoga with Kyna

9:00am Power Yoga with Betty

9:30 Yoga for Stress Relief with Julie 

11:00am Into to Mediation and Pranayama with Carmen Joy

10:45am Mindful Yoga Flow with Danijela

12:00pm Vinyasa Flow with Karen 

1:00pm Mid-Week Yoga Recharge with Jessica 

4:00pm Power Yoga with Jason

4:00pm Family Yoga with Karen 

5:30pm Restorative Yoga with Karen 

6:00pm Power Yoga with Linda

7:45 Yin and Breathwork with Rod

6:30am Sunrise Breath & Balance with Nikki

7:45am Freedom Flow with Natasha

8:30am Power Yoga with Betty

9:15am Conscious Yoga with Karen

10:00am Power Yoga with Linda

12:00pm Yoga with Megan

4:30pm Vinyasa Flow with Abby

5:30pm Hula Hoop Fitness with Nikki

6:00pm Power Yoga with Ish

7:45pm Gentle Yoga with Karen 




8:00am Friday Power Flow with Jill

9:00am Easy Flow with Wayne

9:30am Morning Pregnancy with Kristen

10:30am Power Yoga with Wayne

10:45am Kundalini with Kristen

12:05pm Vinyasa Flow with Stephanie

4:00pm Power Yoga with Jonathan

6:00pm Yoga with Megan

6:30pm Beginner Yoga with Dave

8:15am Power Yoga with Jonathan

9:00am Yoga Flow with Danijela

10:00am Power Yoga with Linda

12:00pm Vinyasa Flow with Masa

2:00pm Mindful Movement with Anat

4:00pm Power Yoga with Stephanie

8:30am Vinyasa Flow with Chevonne

10:05am Power Yoga with Wayne

12:15pm Intro to Yoga Asana with Tori

2:15pm Power Yoga with Melissa

4:00pm Power Yoga with Jason

5:30pm Vinyasa Yoga with Angelique

6:00pm Restorative Yoga with Melissa


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